Effectiveness of online trainings - optimize training processes!

Effectiveness of online trainings - learn how to optimize training processes and employee development in an organization!


Poka-Yoke - practical aspects of the mistake proofing method

Poka-Yoke - what requirements a system must meet & what are the Poka-Yoke security levels? Learn about practical examples of error proofing!


Kano model - learn how your customers define quality

Get to know the Kano model! Learn how clarifying your customers' needs and expectations can enhance the appeal of your products and services.

Purchasing and logistics

The use of Kraljic Matrix in procurement process

The Kraljic Matrix allows you to break down products by their impact on a company's bottom line and supplier risk. Learn more!


Brainstorming - a tool for generating ideas

Learn the rules of brainstorming, how to organize an effective group brainstorming, and the advantages and disadvantages of this method!


5S team - responsibilities and duties of team members

The implementation of the 5S method requires the establishment of a 5S team to develop standards, develop the system and monitor it.

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    Cybersecurity - learn 6 best practices for companies

    Learn about the most common online cybersecurity threats and how to minimize the risk of attacks in your company!


    Voice of the Customer (VOC)

    Who is your Customer? Learn how to identify the Client and their needs. Learn methods for collecting feedback.


    Who is Sensei?

    What distinguishes Sensei from other managers? What role does Sensei play in the Lean culture? Check it out!

    Project management

    Competencies of the future - how to meet the demands on the labor market in the 21st century?

    Learn 5 tips from Experts to help you stay competitive in the labor market.

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