Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - FMEA

This training module is devoted to discussing a method of analysing the types and effects of possible errors - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). The lessons in this course will provide you with knowledge about the steps, assumptions and types of FMEA.

Two of the types, namely PFMEA and DFMEA will be discussed in detail in the second episode.

The new automotive standard that defines the FMEA-related approach is also discussed. You will focus mainly on proper preparation for conducting the analysis (with help of 5T methodology) nad learn the differences in conducting the analysis - in comparison with the old version of the FMEA approach

In addition, you will learn many practical examples of how to use the method.

The course includes: 1 hr 37 min of learning + 20 min for solving tests

Price: 36.00 €
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Very interesting materials