Just in Time (JiT) and Kanban

In this course we are discussing the production process control method known as Kanban.

You will learn what this method is and where it is used, the requirements and conditions for effective use of Kanban. You will also learn what supermarkets, signals and Kanban cards are.

Kanban is usually part of the Just in Time concept, which refers to the delivery of materials, components & packaging directly to the customer - you will also learn about that!

This course includes: 26 min of learning + 20 min for solving tests

Price: 19.00 €
courses English Polish
minutes Knowledge Test
minutes Personal Certificate



Beata C.

Aleksandra K.

Aleksandra K.

Justyna G.

Jakub K.

Zuzanna K.

Wojciech J.

Justyna G.

Anna .

Natalia .

Agnieszka D.

Aleksandar S.

Milos S.

Marija P.

Iryna K.

Vladan M.