People in Lean System

This course highlights the importance of people in the development and improvement of any organization. You will learn about the Kaizen philosophy, its assumptions and principles. 

You will also learn what the system of employee ideas is, and what a system of rewarding employees should look like. You will then gain practical knowledge concerning competence and skills matrices. The next part of the course will be devoted to the system of employee training. You will find out what kind of training your employees need, and what training you should provide to build a competitive advantage on the market.

In this course you will also get to know a tool - Employee Performance Evaluation, which is used to motivate, increase the involvement and develop the competences of employees.

This course includes: 1 hrs 21 min of learning + 20 min for solving tests

Price: 32.00 €
courses English Polish
minutes Knowledge Test
minutes Personal Certificate



Good tips on how to involve team members for better results.

Andrzej D.

Good tips on how to involve team members for better results.

Jakub K.

Vitalii S.

Olga K.

Daniel .

Zuzanna K.

Justyna G.

Justyna G.

Anna .

Natalia .

Agata S.

Adam D.

Mateusz M.