This training module addresses the topic of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

After taking this module you will have knowledge about SPC and the benefits resulting from the use of this tool in industry.

You will learn what MSA is and what the main concepts used in MSA are. You will also get familiar with the benefits resulting from the use of MSA in the manufacturing process.

Duration of training: 1 hours 24 minutes for learning + 20 minutes for solving tests

Price: 29.00 €
courses English
minutes Knowledge Test
minutes Personal Certificate



Bartłomiej T.

Tomasz U.

Pamela O.

Jakub K.

Olga J.

Daniel .

Aleksandra K.

Zuzanna K.

Justyna G.

Jarosław B.

Aleksandra V.

Sebastian K.

Sławomir M.

Karina S.

Paweł C.

Lahoud T.

Lahoud T.

Olena B.

Miloš B.

Marcin O.