Structure of Continuous Improvement

In this course you will learn why Kaizen philosophy should be applied to a company’s strategy. You will get to know the concept of Continuous Improvement, and find out what roles and responsibilities individual employees have in the improvement process.

Moreover, you will learn about the tasks of employees responsible for the improvement system in a company, as well as the ways to measure the effectiveness of these tasks.

This course includes: 36 min of learning + 20 min for solving tests

Price: 26.00 €
courses English Polish
minutes Knowledge Test
minutes Personal Certificate



Małorzata B.

Kurs ogólnie w porządku.

Kasia W.

Kurs ogólnie w porządku.

Magdalena F.

Jakub K.

Justyna G.

Aleksandra K.

Daniel .

Eliza L.

Anna .

Mateusz K.

Natalia .

Sebastian K.

Marek M.

Zbigniew .

Olga H.

Anna W.

Andrzej W.

Karina S.

Adam D.

Iryna K.

Vladan M.

Vivianne L.

Aniket N.