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Are you looking for ways to achieve corporate objectives? Do you know that the same people can act entirely differently depending on the exact situation? By analyzing your team, its strengths and weaknesses, you can boost productivity and creativity, and achieve any goal. Improve your teams’ performance with business simulation games through fun and comprehensive training! Explore our offer and learn more about our products.

Training game for business - what is it?

Our training simulation games will involve your employees in a training workshop. The workshops will demonstrate the practical application of optimization tools in the organization. It’s best when the chosen project shares and is aligned with the company’s core values and beliefs, to ensure the team’s commitment. Each simulation has a specific training purpose, however, the aim of all of them is for the team to identify how to improve something, and, at the same time, develop a sense of belonging. The most important thing is that you can get free access to them! All you have to do is purchase the annual subscription.

Types of business learning games

Opexity offers multiple business games including:

If you’re interested in any of these business learning games, then be sure to learn more about them by clicking on them and reading the descriptions. We are able to provide different products which are perfect for simulating different scenarios, and seeing how your team performs different tasks. Such a dynamic stimulates learning and makes it possible for your employees to flourish in the workspace. We’re pretty positive that you’ll be able to find the one which best suits your and your team’s needs, but in case of any questions, be sure to contact us!

Who are business simulation games for?

It’s for all people who want to motivate their teams to achieve better results, and, at the same time, have fun and create something special. It’s basically for any and every industry and sector. Our solutions are frequently purchased by:

and other people responsible for employee training and development within the company, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Why training simulation games are worth a try?

Good teamwork and productive and creative relationships in the workplace are only possible with the right learning. And what better way to learn something than practice? Our simulations are perfect for developing interpersonal skills and other competencies necessary for a certain position. Our business manager games available for sale were designed by practitioners and experts from various industries. They can be used to:

Each training game for business motivates and encourages the participants to recognize initiatives and contributions. They simulate different events with high intensity and in a short time which is the best way to test your employees and see what can be improved – see for yourself and add to cart!