Automotive Purchasing Leader

The "Automotive Purchasing Leader" course package is designed for people who want to gain knowledge of international norms and quality standards for the automotive industry. You will gain practical skills in using standards-dedicated tools.

After watching those courses, you will learn about the requirements of ISO 9001, VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.5. You will also study practical examples of how requirements have been implemented in companies.

You will also learn what results you can expect from the implementation of APQP when starting new production and making major technological changes to processes. You will learn the 18 element PPAP procedure to ensure the expected level of quality and quantity of the parts delivered to your suppliers. The package includes 7 courses.

Language: English, Polish

Duration of training: 8 hours 38 minutes for learning + 2 hours 20 minutes for solving tests

Price: 99.00 €
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minutes Knowledge Test
minutes Personal Certificate